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Supported Mac software at Stevens.
Although SolidWorks will run only on Windows, learn more about what options exist for Mac users.
MAC Address registration for wireless connections is only available for media and other devices (media players, game consoles etc) incapable of connecting via Stevens Network Authentication.
Learn how useful the VLE is for Mac users.
Accessing and storing files in your OneDrive account using Mac or the OneDrive website.
This general overview will help you find our guides for setting up email and wireless access on your iPad.
How to add a network printer in Mac OS X.
A MAC address is a unique identification number for a computer or device on the network.
How to map a network drive in Mac OS X.
How to connect to the Stevens wired network on Mac OS X using your Stevens Username and Password.
How to find your MAC address in Mac OS X.
How to find your MAC address in Linux.
How to take a screenshot in Mac OS X.
The Media Arts Center (MAC) Lab is provided for the Art & Technology and Music & Technology students, and it is administered by the Computer Science Department.
Macbooks have a standard 1 year warranty and cannot be serviced by the Computer Service Center.