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I am having issues utilizing the VPN client.
*Note: if you are having issues with DUO please submit a request for DUO support.

If you need help finding, downloading, installing, or troubleshooting Stevens-supported software (e.g. MATLAB), click the "Contact Service Desk" button to the left and fill out the form to create a IT ticket.

Request Stevens ID card access to doors setup with Blackboard card readers

As an instructor, this is where you can request services to assist you in course management.

request an account for using CS Dept. resources

When your printer isn't working.

For issues and assistance with Duo Two Factor Authentication

Do you need an alias or shared mailbox to be created or configured? Please note, only a shared mailbox can send and receive email with a specific email address. Email aliases or distribution lists will only forward emails sent to a specific address to individuals.

When a web site or publishing tool isn't working as expected

Request support for reporting, user access control, data interface problems or updates, and general issues with this application.

Do you need a mailing list to be created or configured?

Submit a request to generate a Stevens account for those who are not employees or students.

Can't log in to Stevens services?

Submit a service request for VLE support

AntiVirus protection for your Stevens computer.

Are you unable to send or receive emails?

Do you need support for your computer hardware?

Submit a request for an account to access the Student Information System (SIS)

Do you need support for your Stevens' managed computer?
Installation, Upgrade, Removal of Software?

Used for ordering just accessories and not a system

If you need help finding or installing SOLIDWORKS, click the "Contact Service Desk" button to the left and fill out the form to create an IT ticket.