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This form is used if you are having issues with any one of your Learning Analytics Reports.

Do you need support for your Stevens' managed computer?
Installation, Upgrade, Removal of Software?

Zoom is Stevens Campus wide web-conferencing system that has also been integrated into Canvas.

For requesting the creation of a new group in Microsoft Teams.

To make a ticket for anyone that has issues with signing up or using Okta.

Report issues with VoIP Phone / Cisco Jabber Client

I am having issues utilizing the VPN client.
*Note: if you are having issues with DUO please submit a request for DUO support.

For assistance with

Use this to request a Microsoft DevTools for Teaching Account. ( Formerly MSDNAA/DreamSpark/Microsoft Imagine account)

Select the link above to report an issue for the Office of Learning Technology. Any classroom technology issues will be addressed through the service above.

Do you need to request your computer to be disposed of?

Do you need assistance creating a shared or Departmental Exchange Calendar?

Submit a service request for VLE support

Request Learning Analytics Reports

Do you need support for your computer hardware?