Email, Calendar, and Microsoft Teams

Support for email, mailing lists, device configuration, virtual hours, and more.

Services (14)

Can't Send/Receive Email?

Are you unable to send or receive emails?

Create Shared/Departmental Exchange Calendar

Do you need assistance creating a shared or Departmental Exchange Calendar?

Distribution Lists and Shared Mailboxes

Do you need an alias or shared mailbox to be created or configured? Please note, only a shared mailbox can send and receive email with a specific email address. Email aliases or distribution lists will only forward emails sent to a specific address to individuals.

Email Mailing Lists

Do you need a mailing list to be created or configured?

Email Restoration

Do you need your emails/email account restored?

Email Spam Issues

Do you have SPAM emails that you want to report?

Email/Calendar Configuration for Mobile Devices

Do you need your email configured on your device?
iPhone, Android, etc.

Microsoft Bookings

To gain access to and support for using Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Teams Group Creation Request

For requesting the creation of a new group in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Support

To submit a request for support for Microsoft Teams

Student Office 365 Email

Student Office 365 Email