Email, Calendar and Microsoft Teams

Email support, mailing lists, device configuration, and more.

Services (13)

Can't Send/Receive Email?

Are you unable to send or receive emails?

Create Shared/Departmental Exchange Calendar

Do you need assistance creating a shared or Departmental Exchange Calendar?

Distribution Lists and Shared Mailboxes

Do you need an alias or shared mailbox to be created or configured? Please note, only a shared mailbox can send and receive email with a specific email address. Email aliases or distribution lists will only forward emails sent to a specific address to individuals.

Email Mailing Lists

Do you need a mailing list to be created or configured?

Email Restoration

Do you need your emails/email account restored?

Email Spam Issues

Do you have SPAM emails that you want to report?

Email/Calendar Configuration for Mobile Devices

Do you need your email configured on your device?
iPhone, Android, etc.

Microsoft Teams Group Creation Request

For requesting the creation of a new group in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Support

To submit a request for support for Microsoft Teams

Student Office 365 Email

Student Office 365 Email