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Services or Offerings?
Learn how to use our web publishing tools

Help with content changes, including redirects (vanity URLs) and broken links

For changing who can edit (or view) your web content

When a publishing tool or other IT functionality isn't working as expected

The content creation tools aren't accomplishing what you need

Faculty and Staff may request a Stevens account for those who are not employees or students.

AntiVirus protection for your Stevens computer.

Attendance tracking software

Request support for single-sign-on errors or for setting up a service provider.

Migrate Blackboard Collaborate recordings into Kaltura or download mp4 to your machine or external drive.

ID Card System - Request support for POS devices, reporting, data interface problems or updates, and general issues with this application.

Can't log in to Stevens services?

Are you unable to send or receive emails?

Please select this service to request a custom Canvas course shell to be used as a sandbox or as a specialized course which is outside of Workday Student.