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Click "Contact User Support" to create a ticket for assistance with getting a new content space on

Please include the following information:

  • The full name of the space
  • Desired URL segment if you prefer something other than the default. The default is the name of the space in lowercase, with hyphens instead of spaces, and unimportant words/punctuation discarded.
  • Whether you want it to be public or private. Public means all Stevens account holders have read access. Private means only members of the space have read access. A common tactic is to initially request that it be private, and then once all the content is in place you may change it to be public.
  • Username(s) of the initial set of administrators. Administrators have read/write access (whereas members only have read access; such non-admin membership is useful only for private spaces) and administrators also add/remove members and administrators. It is strongly recommended to have several administrators (to avoid a lapse when people leave), but one is sufficient so long as they immediately add others.

Space administrators should refer to the Space Administrator Tutorials.

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