Canvas Global Announcement

Canvas global announcements are posted by Canvas Administrators and are displayed on all student and/or faculty Canvas Dashboards for a set amount of time. Canvas global announcements are intended to provide students and faculty information related to academic matters.  

Submission Guidelines: 

  • The announcement is relevant to the majority of students and/or faculty. 
  • The announcement request is related to teaching and learning, or academic matters.  
  • The Canvas global announcement is not meant to disseminate information on university events. 
  • The period between the start and end date of the announcement cannot be longer than ten business days (2 weeks) 
  • The Canvas announcement request form must be submitted five business days before the post date. With the exception of emergency notifications, last-minute requests will not be considered. 
  • To retain the focus on the learning experience in Canvas, no more than three announcements will appear on Canvas at any time. Announcement spots will be filled first-come, first-served. You are encouraged to plan and submit your announcement as early as possible to reserve a spot.  
  • Wording must be clear and concise.  
  • The text should not exceed 250 characters. 

The Division of Information Technology reviews all submissions and reserves the right to make edits, refuse announcement requests that do not fit the criteria, and shorten the time period of approved announcements if it is deemed excessive. 


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