My time off balances are not accurate (vacation/personal/sick)

Workday’s Time Off request function has been configured so that it will only allow requests in increments corresponding to an employee's regular scheduled work day. For example, both Regular Non-Exempt/Hourly and Exempt Full Time Staff employees should request time off in half-day or full-day increments (3.5 or 7 hours).

Employees will have the ability to forecast accruals by adjusting the effective date to a time in the future. This projection or forecast is dependent on several things such as accuracy of the current information, and continued employment with no relevant changes in accrual, among other things.

Workday Time Off Request function will not warn employees  if vacation/sick leave balances becomes low, however employees will be prevented from requesting Time Off if a sufficient balance does not exist.  Employees are all responsible for monitoring our leave time balances, and using our leave time responsibly.

Workday will not allow employees to carry a negative balance, but future time off request can be submitted based on future accruals.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding time off balances, please submit a ticket to the Division of Human Resources by clicking on "Contact HR" button on the right.

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