I am unable to temporararily delegate manager responsibilities

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if I am going to be away or out of the office, can I temporarily have others look after my managerial responsibilities?
Managers in Workday are able to delegate their responsibilities to another person of at least the same managerial level.

A manager can temporarily delegate their managerial responsibilities to another manager in the organization, as denoted by the Manager records in Workday. This is used to allow another employee to review and approve on your behalf. However, the Delegate function should be used responsibly because it doesn’t relieve the assigned manager of responsibility for their unit or the functions and activities in that unit. As a manager, you may wish to delegate your exempt Time Off approval responsibilities to another if you are going to be on vacation. The manager to whom these responsibilities are assigned will see these requests for review and approval in their Workday Inbox for action.

If the manager does not delegate their responsibilities, those Actions or To-Do’s will stay in that Manager’s Inbox until they are completed.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding temporary delegation of managerial responsibilities, please submit a ticket to the Division of Human Resources by clicking on "Contact HR" button on the right.

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