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A group web space is a blank slate for files that your group will maintain.

  • PHP and a MySQL database are available by request
  • Authentication/authorization of site visitors (Shibboleth) is available by request
  • The URL is (automatically redirected from www or no subdomain)
  • Admins manage the files by mapping a network drive to \\\w3your-space$

Visit IT Forms on myStevens if you need to:

Use the "Contact User Support" button on this page if you need to:

  • Change the list of admins who can maintain your group web space
  • Change authentication/authorization (Shibboleth) for your group web space
  • Remove your group web space
  • Miscellaneous tasks (new student election, parking refresh, etc.)

Note: If requesting removal of a group web space, make a local backup if you wish to refer to the files in the future, since they will no longer be accessible on Storage01.

Contact User Support

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